Nearspace Series


“What’s Nearspace?” I hear you asking.

Nearspace is the future…a future where a dozen solar systems are linked by navigable wormholes, where nanotechnology has extended human lifespans, and where corporations vie for control of planets, star systems, and technology.

It’s the future of my novels One’s Aspect to the Sun, Dark Beneath the Moon, Beyond the Sentinel Stars, and A Veiled and Distant Sky, from Tyche Books.

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One’s Aspect to the Sun | Dark Beneath the Moon | Beyond the Sentinel Stars | A Veiled and Distant Sky | Waiting to Fly

One’s Aspect to the Sun

Captain Luta Paixon of the far trader Tane Ikai needs to know why she looks like a woman in her thirties–even though she’s actually eighty-four. She isn’t the only one desperate for that information.

The explanation might lie with her geneticist mother, who disappeared over sixty years ago, but even if her mother is still alive, it’s proving to be no small task to track her down in the vast, wormhole-ridden expanse of Nearspace. With the ruthless PrimeCorp bent on obtaining Luta’s DNA at any cost, her ninety-year-old husband asking for one last favor, and her estranged daughter locking horns with her at every turn, Luta’s search for answers will take her to the furthest reaches of space–and deep inside her own heart.

Novel | 285 pages | 7-8 hours reading time
Formats: Trade Paperback (ISBN 978-0-9918369-5-6), Ebook (ISBN 978-0-9918369-6-3)
Publisher: Tyche Books
Cover Artist: Ashley Walters
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Series: Nearspace, Book 1
Awards & Notables: Alberta Book Publishers Speculative Fiction Book of the Year, Amazon Category Bestseller

Reviews & Comments

“A quest for the secrets of medical immortality across an interplanetary stage–an excellent debut novel by Canadian author Sherry D. Ramsey.” ~ Steve Stanton, author of The Bloodlight Chronicles

“Luta is smart, loyal and a bit of a rebel.” ~ Bea’s Book Nook. Read the entire review.

“Debut novelist Ramsey uses classic science fiction tropes, but her setting cradles a more personal story of family trust and conflict.” ~ Publisher’s Weekly. Read the entire review.

“…it scores well on the page-turner scale…” ~ 5-Star Amazon review. Read the entire review.

“It was so refreshing to have a real, believable, female main character in such a powerful role.” ~ 5-star Goodreads review. Read the entire review.

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Dark Beneath the Moon

Luta Paixon has plenty of trouble on the Tane Ikai, with relationships in flux and the sticky problem of two captains on one ship. But when an alien artifact, the remnant of a long-ago war, shows up on the other side of a newly-discovered wormhole, the crew also find themselves pressed into the service of the Nearspace Protectorate. The Tane Ikai’s task: covertly deliver an alien historian to the site to decipher its meaning–and possible threat.

Jahelia Sord is a woman with a grudge against the world, and against Luta Paixon and her family in particular. She has her own secrets to guard, and an alliance with the notorious PrimeCorp–one she’ll keep only as long as it suits her own hunt for vengeance.

When a mysterious attack leaves them stranded in an uncharted new system, Luta, her crew, and Jahelia must try to put their differences aside and decide who to trust, while they uncover a shocking truth about the Chron war and what their old enemies are so afraid of…

Novel |  387 pages | 9-10 hours reading time
Formats: Trade Paperback (ISBN 978-1-928025-31-3), Ebook (ISBN 978-1-928025-32-0)
Publisher: Tyche Books, September 2015
Cover Artist: Ashley Walters
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Series: Nearspace, Book 2


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Reviews & Comments

This is one of those rare yarns that you would like to go on for ever.” – 5* Amazon review

I love long series of books and this is one I hope has at least a dozen books and I will read every one of them …” – 5* Amazon review

It was a great sequel and I really enjoyed that the story had the perspective of two people.” – 5* Amazon review

I basically couldn’t put it down.” – Goodreads review

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Beyond the Sentinel Stars

Luta Paixon and the crew of the Tane Ikai have made it back to Nearspace safely, but that safety is short-lived. As if a disastrous diplomatic mission to the crow-like Corvids isn’t enough, Luta’s old enemy Alin Sedmamin is back—and asking Luta to help save his life. In exchange, Sedmamin is offering secrets stretching back more than a century into Nearspace’s past—secrets that could prevent a war.

Meanwhile, Luta’s brother Admiral Lanar Mahane is faced with an awful truth: the Protectorate is spread too thinly across Nearspace to offer adequate protection or defense when the aggressive Chron turn their murderous sights on Nearspace again. They must forge new alliances if Nearspace is to survive, but it’s almost impossible to know who to trust.

As interstellar conflict looms on the horizon and a political plot of tremendous scope and daring threatens to destroy Nearspace from within, Luta and Lanar will test the bonds of family and the strength of hope as they struggle to maintain peace in a world that seems destined for war.


Novel | 387 pages | 9-10 hours reading time
Formats: Trade Paperback (ISBN 978-1-928025-78-8), Ebook (ISBN 978-1-928025-79-5)
Publisher: Tyche Books, December 2017
Cover Artist: Ashley Walters
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Series: Nearspace, Book 3

Print Edition (autographed, personalized, and shipped within Canada): $25.00 + shipping (Visit my Payhip store to order a copy)



Reviews & Comments

“I thoroughly enjoyed these 3 books. The characters are believable and some are quite quirky. I loved that! Looking forward to reading more by this author.” – 5* Amazon review

One of the best sci-fi series I have read in years.” – 5* Amazon review

Lovely tale of family, action, adventure, with a rich use of setting and dialogue to make the characters feel real.” – 5* Amazon review

I enjoyed all the aspects of this series – character development, world building, tempo, plotting, the works.” – 5* Amazon review

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A Veiled and Distant Sky

When Luta Paixon and the crew of the Tane Ikai discover a dying wormhole explorer who’s been missing for decades, it’s a mystery; but the bigger mystery lies in her only words: “Save Lillifleur.” Because the colony ship Lillifleur disappeared without a trace almost a century ago.

Meanwhile, a different mystery lies closer to home; Luta’s son Karro and his wife want no part of the life-extending nanobioscavengers that have kept Luta safe from harm and aging for over fifty years. Confused, worried for their future, and even a little angry, Luta struggles to understand why anyone would reject the gift of near-immortality, even as the debate over nanobioscavenger technology rages throughout Nearspace.

Stranded in an unknown system with Karro and Aliande aboard, Luta faces potentially dangerous drones, a mysterious virus, and a looming alien threat to a forgotten colony. She’ll have to contend with all of this and more before she can unravel secrets from her family’s past, and hope for a little luck to get everyone home to Nearspace safe and sound.


Novel | 374 pages | 9-10 hours reading time
Formats: Trade Paperback (ISBN 978-1-989407-37-0), Ebook (ISBN 978-1-989407-38-7)
Publisher: Tyche Books, March 2022
Cover Artist: Ashley Walters
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Series: Nearspace, Book 4

Print Edition (autographed, personalized, and shipped within Canada): $25.00 + shipping (Visit my Payhip store to order a copy)



Reviews & Comments

“The world building is incredible and I felt like the characters were old friends on a new adventure.” – 5* Amazon review

“An obnoxious A.I. puts the proverbial cherry on the top! Read it, you won’t be sorry.” – 5* Amazon review

“… there are not enough books about why we would go to the stars and the ordinary people who would live, work and die there.” – 5* Amazon review

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Waiting to Fly – A Nearspace Novella

Teenage orphan Lucy Daz is carving out a busker’s life on Damyadi Space Station, saving what credits she can for passage to one of Nearspace’s new colony worlds. But when a hawker turns up on the station selling a “miracle cure” for space sickness, Lucy is faced with a tough decision: try to ignore to the problem and the pricking of her conscience, or take a big risk to protect the unsuspecting colonists who come to her shows….

Novella | 10,650 words | 0-1 hour to read
Format: Ebook (ISBN 9780993897337)
Publisher: Sherry D. Ramsey, January 2017
Cover Artist: Sherry D. Ramsey
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Series: Nearspace, Book 0.5






Reviews & Comments

“…a solid entry into the Nearspace series, and just makes me want the next Luta novel all the more.” ~ Goodreads review

“…excellently written, full of detail and characterisation.” – 5* Goodreads review

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