Olympia Investigations


Acacia Sheridan is a private detective with a special gift for communicating with the supernatural. Her clientele includes ghosts, demons, fae, and many more denizens of the otherworld…which makes for some interesting cases. I think we’ll have some fun following what happens as she and her office assistant and somewhat prickly cousin, Oliver (also gifted with the same perceptive abilities), bring their deductive talents and sense of humour to bear in dealing with Olympia Investigations’ most unusual clients.

The first Olympia Investigations story, “Addicted to Love,” appeared in the July 2016 issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine, but is available for a limited time in the Weird Fantastic Detective Stories Bundle from BundleRabbit. This time around, Acacia’s client is a ghost looking for her help…to find his missing widow and stop her from making a terrible mistake. And he’s not sure how much time he has left…

The second installment in the series is a novelette: “The Goddess Problem.” When a heartbroken Greek goddess comes asking for her help, Acacia’s investigation takes her from an isolated cavern on Earth to the Olympian heights…but can a mortal sleuth wring the truth from a phalanx of dysfunctional deities? “The Goddess Problem” releases in February 2017, and can be found at any of these links: Kobo, Amazon, Amazon.ca, iBooks, Nook, Scribd, and Page Foundry (Inktera).

The third Olympia Investigations story is out! A new novelette, “Dead Hungry,” released on April 15th, 2018. When patrons of a local homeless shelter start turning up dead, with suspicious-looking bite marks on their necks, a local vampire is an obvious suspect. But as Acacia digs deeper into the case she starts to wonder…could even more sinister forces be at work? Find it now at Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and B&N for Nook.

The fourth Acacia Sheridan tale releases December 17, 2018, and it’s the biggest O.I. story yet! This new novella will be the first Olympia Investigations story available in a print edition. When a local coven of urban witches mistakenly summons a malevolent spirit, they look to Acacia to help track him down. Inconsistencies in the witches’ story make Acacia suspect they’re not telling her everything—and then the murders start.

With her assistant Oliver stressing over an unfortunate witch encounter in his past, a demon on the loose, and a handsome police detective who wants to know too much, Acacia’s up to her sixth sense in supernatural trouble. Find buying links for all your favourite retailers at this single convenient book tab.

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Media Kit – The Goddess Problem

Media Kit – Dead Hungry


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