Writer’s Complete Planner Printables

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Today’s writer wears many hats; in addition to planning and writing multiple projects, we market and promote, organize events, and sometimes publish and distribute our own work. It’s a lot to keep track of in addition to finding time to write.

A few of the half-sheet (5.5 x 8.5) pages in Simple font.

Let the Writer’s Complete Planner pages set help you keep your writing life on track! I’ve developed this set of planner printables with the special needs of writers in mind. These printables can help you organize almost every aspect of your writing life. They make it easy for you to:
*Plan and track projects, events, and blog posts
*Plot stories in the story map or expanded story map
*Never lose track of ideas for stories, characters, or projects
*Record short, medium, and long-term goals for the coming year
*Organize day, week, and month with calendars and focus pages
*Utilize weekly and monthly goals to be more productive
*Track deadlines, submissions, and promotions
*Log word count or time goals in a monthly two-page spread
*Develop positive writing and life habits with the habit tracker
*Keep it all handy and together in your planner
*and more!

Sample week and day pages, showing Elegant (left) and Simple (right) fonts in brown.

Goal-tracking two-page spread in Elegant font, green

Features of the Writer’s Complete Planner printables include:
*Bright colour touches in six colours (green, blue, yellow, peach, burgundy, and brown) to make the planner cheerful but not ink-guzzling
*Complete set of pages in greyscale
*Spacious margins for hole-punching
*Ability to print full page (8.5 x 11) or half-page (5.5 x 8.5)
*Undated pages to allow multiple re-uses
*Choice of three fonts/styles to personalize your planner – set a colour scheme, mix-and-match, or colour code by project
*Decide which pages suit your needs – print only what you’ll use
*Half-sheet two-page spreads in a separate file for ease of printing
*Files delivered in .pdf format for ease of setup/printing
*Full instructions and notes file

Grey scale, easy-on-the-ink pages in Modern font.

All pages may be printed half-sheet (5.5 x 8.5) or full sheet (8.5 x 11, pictured here) and feature generous margins for punching to fit your binder or disc-bound planner.

Best of all, the full package of these comprehensive planner printables designed specifically for your writing life is just $12 (CDN) and available for instant download.

Bonus! I’ve also included a pack of 12 full-colour divider pages–choose and print your favourites to inspire and encourage you!
Here’s a full list of the 35 different types of pages included in the Writer’s Complete Planner Printables set (some of these are two-page spreads):
Story worksheet
Cast of characters sheet
Story map
Expanded Story Map
Character sheet
Scene Planner
Notes & ideas
Upcoming project planner/tracker
Project sheet
Monthly word count/hours tracker
Short/medium/long-term goal sheet
Weekly/monthly goal frames blank
Weekly/monthly goal frames planning / writing / editing / submissions
Weekly to-do
Daily to-do
Two-page month spread
Habit tracking sheet
Upcoming deadlines
Contest watch list
Submission tracker for stories/agents
Reading log
Want to read list
Class/workshop wish list
Self-Publishing process tracker
Book launch checklist
Promotion planner
Promotion swap tracker
Online resources
Blog post planner
Blog post schedule
Quotation catcher
Grid page for map/setting sketches
Expense tracker
Fifty first sentences
Writer’s block buster page
Instant Download the Complete Set – Only $12 (CDN)
These are downloadable, printable files – no physical items will be shipped.
Purchase includes pages in all three font styles and colour/no-colour formats.
For further information on use, printing and other notes, see the included Notes and Instructions file.

Organize Your Writing Life Today!

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