Friday Desk Report

After a bit of much-needed mental recovery time, I’m back at my desk a bit more this week. Although NaNoWriMo has imploded to some extent for me, the intense writing months of April, July, and November are very much ingrained for me at this point, so I’m tackling another unfinished manuscript to see if I can revive it. I think I’ll keep the specifics quiet until I have a better idea of how it’s going to go, but I might be able to see a path through the murk of half-forgotten plotlines. I’ll update later in the month. The gardens have been taking up a lot of my attention…to the point where I think I re-activated an old carpal tunnel issue. So it’s back to… Continue reading

The Fifth Force Pre-order!

As you might have noticed from the first page banner, The Fifth Force is up for pre-order! I’ve set the release date tentatively as June 1st, but it’s very likely to be out before that. I have to wrap it up for my Patreon followers first, of course! They’ve been enjoying (I hope!) early access to the serialized version since last year. You can find all the pre-order links as they come online at my Books2Read page for the book. The pre-order price is only $2.99. And of course, just today I thought of a fun pre-order bonus idea, which I’m about to try to put together if life and my brain cooperate. Stay tuned! “The next nearest inhabited planet had just been blown into… Continue reading

Olympia Investigations: The Shifter Plague (sale!)

Now that my website is (finally!) working again, I really should post about my latest novel, shouldn’t I? Even if it’s not exactly shiny-new any more. :) When a legally blind woman asks Olympia Investigations to investigate the murder of an apparent shapeshifter, Acacia pays attention, even if the local police won’t. Following the scent of the murderer, Acacia becomes deeply involved with the shifter community of Turnabout Landing–which is nothing like what she expects. The trail of accusations and networks leads to vampires, a missing lighthouse keeper, a deadly shifter virus, and the echoes of a past case. With her assistant Oliver keeping secrets, her relationship with Detective Ellis Ames turning rocky, and Acacia finding herself a target of an unknown foe, she’s barely… Continue reading

Things are looking up…

Whew! Most of the website renovations are complete and the dust is swept up. I’m still freshening up the paint here and there, but everything should be working pretty well now. I’ve tied my Payhip store in to the site for a reasonably seamless experience…check it out! And let me know if you find anything very broken, so I can add it to my to-do list! Continue reading

A Look Back at Art Night

My mother and I had a tradition over a number of years that we called “art night.” We would get together one night a week, sometimes with other family members, and “do” art. We might draw, sketch, colour, paint, create digital art…whatever we felt like. There are many levels of ability among us–some of our number could possibly be professional artists, but mostly we’re just hobbyists. Occasionally we turned out something we were proud of. Our ability and talent, for the most part, waxes and wanes according to how much practice we give it. It also made for a nice social evening, as long as we weren’t concentrating too hard on what we were doing, so there’s lots of chatting and conversation. A time to… Continue reading