The Cache and Other Stories


A cache implies a hidden treasure, although what we find inside is not always what we hope for or expect. Sometimes it’s less; sometimes more; sometimes nothing we’ve ever imagined.

The eleven stories and two poems in this collection feature all manner of unusual things found in strange places; an alien ship in a forest hideaway, ghosts inside a computer network, a distraught goddess in a detective’s office, a teenage busker on a space station. The treasures are varied as well, from lost genomes and altered memories to alien alliances and self-discovery.

Whatever waits to be discovered, these stories suggest that sometimes the search is the important part…

Collection | 257 pages
Formats: Paperback (ISBN 978-0-9938973-7-5), Ebook (ISBN 978-0-9938973-9-9)
Publisher: Sherry D. Ramsey, September 2017
Cover Artist: Sherry D. Ramsey
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry




Print Edition (autographed, personalized, and shipped within Canada): $29.95 (Please contact me [intlink id=”528″ type=”page”]via this form[/intlink] to order a copy)


Reviews & Comments

As always, (Ramsey’s) fiction is rooted in authentic human emotions, problems and foibles, even when we’re reading about aliens or fairies.” – 5* Amazon review

Fun Stuff

The title story, “The Cache,” involves geocaching, an activity that allows participants to search for hidden treasures or “caches” using GPS coordinates. Our family has placed two caches of our own in Cape Breton. If you geocache here, you may find them!


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