Second Life

A number of years ago, I was hearing a lot about this virtual world called Second Life. Sounded interesting, and like the Internet geek I am, I signed up, created an avatar, and had a look around.

It didn’t catch my interest. I mean, what was I supposed to DO here?

A year went by, and I noticed that SF/F writer Michael A. Stackpole was mentioning Second Life quite frequently in his newssheet for writers, The Secrets (of which podcast and subscription I’d long been a fan). Seemed he was holding regular “office hours” in SL, where you could drop by and discuss writing topics. Now, that sounded interesting. I still had my avatar and (wondrously) remembered my login.

This time, it stuck.

I’m currently still involved in a wonderful community for writers, artists, and other creative types spearheaded by Michael Stackpole (Noble Charron in SL) and Kat Klaybourne (Kat Alderson in-world). In his First Life, Michael is an award-winning writer, editor, podcaster, and game designer, who has made it a priority to support new writing talent. Kat is a motivational speaker and a personal-growth consultant, devoted to helping create a vibrant and supportive community in SL.

The Quillians Logo A big part of my Second Life experience is The Quillians Writers’ Workshop, a writers’ social and critique group based in-world. We meet weekly in SL for social/writing discussions, critquing sessions, and creative support. The group has a mandate to educate and inform, supporting writers at various stages of developing their craft. Writers of all genres and formats are welcome to submit their work for critique.

The group was founded by Michael Hercus (Graegor Aeon in SL), a writer, entrepreneur, businessman, and games designer, with over fifteen years of experience in the comics and gaming industries. It’s currently co-helmed by podcaster and writer John Lambert (Timothy Berkmans) and me, in the guise of my in-world avatar, Luta Lassard.

If you’re in-world and would like to know more about the group or join us, message either Timothy Berkmans or Luta Lassard, or visit the workshop building. There you’ll be able to join the group or obtain a notecard with full information.

Around this site you’ll find digital art that I created for Second Life when I kept several galleries in-world. I still dabble in space and steampunk art, and it’s translated into book covers in first life, too. You never know where experiences will take you!

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