To Unimagined Shores



What sorts of things wash up on unimagined shores? Hitch-hiking aliens. Kidnapped embryos. Victorian time-machines. Spaceport detectives. Itinerant scribes. Otherwordly companions.

The discerning beachcomber will discover even more curiosities on the pages within: physicists and journalists, wizards and apprentices, angels and devils, telepaths and aliens. The seventeen stories in this collection are by turns funny, tragic, light-hearted and serious, but all share this in common: they will carry you to distant shores of imagination, and, once there, show you things you hadn’t known before.


Collection | 370 pages
Formats: Trade Paperback (ISBN 978-0-9811025-4-2), Ebook (ISBN 978-098110255–9)
Publisher: Third Person Press, December 2011
Cover Artist: Sherry D. Ramsey
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy

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Print Edition (autographed, personalized, and shipped within Canada): $29.95 (Please contact me [intlink id=”528″ type=”page”]via this form[/intlink] to order a copy)

Reviews & Comments

“Sherry D. Ramsey’s short stories are filled with vibrant characters, good writing, and thrum with humanity, even when there aren’t many actual humans in the story. Fans of speculative fiction should definitely check out To Unimagined Shores.” ~ Mark A. Rayner, author of Marvellous Hairy

To Unimagined Shores is a book that will take you out of your everyday life and plant you in a place where strange things are happening. It’s worth your time.” ~ Karen Lee Field, author of The Land of Miu series

“Sherry’s stories have vivid settings and strong characters and she can draw a reader into a full realized new world, whether set in the Earth’s future or on a distant planet, in just a few well written sentences. Her stories can be funny, wondrous, and scary, often in the space of the same story.” ~ Ken Chisholm, Cape Breton Post

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