Full Publications List

The Shifter Plague (novel), Canada, July 2023

A Veiled and Distant Sky (novel), Canada, Tyche Books, March 2022

“Beacon” (short story), August 2021

“Captain Sable and the Canid Complication” (short story), May 2021

“Alice’s Little Free Quantum Library” (short story), December 2020

Olympia Investigations: The First Four Cases (omnibus), October, 2020

“The Swamp Cat and the Reckless Scout” (short story), Pulp Science Fiction from the Rock, Canada, Engen Books, April 2020

“Rescuing the Rescuers” (RPG adventure), December 2019

“Hooks & Histories: Character Backstory Starters for Fantasy RPGs” v.1 (game content), November 2019

“Apoca-chips” (drabble), Apocalypse: Dark Drabbles #6 from Black Hare Press, November 2019

Beacon and Other Stories, (collection), Canada, September 2019

“Unquiet Skies” (short story), Flights from the Rock, Canada, Engen Books, July 2019

“Unraptured” (novelette), April 2019

Toil and Trouble: An Olympia Investigations Novella (novella), Canada, December 2018

“Machine Language” (short story), Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide v. 5,  USA, Dreaming Robot Press, December 2018

“A Distant Skirl of Pipes” (short story), Wild Musette Journal #1802, USA, October 2018

“Come-From-Aways” (short story), The Good, The Bad, and The Funny, Canada, Story Forge Writers Collective, September 2018

Planet Fleep: A Science Twins Adventure (novel), Canada, July 2018

“Dead Hungry” (novelette), April 2018

Beyond the Sentinel Stars (novel), Canada, Tyche Books, December 2017

“Station Run” (short story), 2018 Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide, USA, Dreaming Robot Press, December 2017

The Cache and Other Stories, (collection), Canada, August 2017

“The Goddess Problem” (novelette), February 2017

“Waiting to Fly” (novelette), April 2016 (bundle), January 2017

“The Girl in the Stones” (short story), Where Evil Dwells; The Nova Scotia Anthology of Horror, Canada, MacIntyre Purcell Publishing, October 2017

“Trench 42” (short story), 2017 Young Explorers Adventure Guide, USA, Dreaming Robot Press, December 2016

“Addicted to Love” (short story), Mystery Weekly Magazine, July 2016

“Alien Gifts” (short story), 2016 Young Explorers Adventure Guide, USA, Dreaming Robot Press, December 2015

Dark Beneath the Moon (novel), Canada, Tyche Books, September 2015

The Seventh Crow (novel), USA, Dreaming Robot Press, August 2015

Face au Soleil (novel, French translation), Canada, Tyche Books, September 2014

“B.R.A.N.E., Inc.” (short story), Flashpoint: Volume 4, The Speculative Elements, Canada, Third Person Press, December 2014

The Murder Prophet (novel), Canada, Self-Published, September 2014

One’s Aspect to the Sun (novel), Canada, Tyche Books, November 2013
*Speculative Fiction Book of the Year, 2014, Book Publishers of Alberta

“ePrayer” (short story), Grey Area: 13 Ghost Stories, Canada, Third Person Press, October 2013

“The Cache” (short story), Unearthed: Volume 3, The Speculative Elements, Canada, Third Person Press, June 2012

To Unimagined Shores (collection), Third Person Press, December 2011

“The Longest Distance” (short story), The Chain Story Project, August 2012, chainstory.stormwolf.com

“Her Money’s Worth” (short story), Airborne: Volume 2, The Speculative Elements, Canada, Third Person Press, August 2010

“The Big Freeze” (short story), Semaphore Magazine, March 2010, www.semaphoremagazine.com

“Encountering Evie” (short story), Destination: Future, Z.S. Adani and Eric Reynolds, eds., Hadley Rille Books, February 2010

“The Ambassador’s Staff” (short story), Thoughtcrime Experiments, April 2009, Sumana Harihareswara and Leonard Richardson http://thoughtcrime.crummy.com/2009

“Winter Bewitched” (short story), Undercurrents: A Cape Breton Anthology of Speculative Fiction, Canada, Third Person Press, December 2008

“Summer of the Widows” (short story), Speculative Realms: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, Australia, Speculative Realms, July 2008

“Upload” (sf poem reprint), The Practically Creative Quarterly, October 2005

“Seven Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Garden” (article), The Practically Creative Quarterly, Summer 2005

Novel Manuscript One’s Aspect To The Sun awarded Second Place, Novel Category, in the 28th Annual Atlantic Writing Competition, March 2005

“Ghosts and Dark Objects”(sf poem), in the Winter 2005 issue of Astropoetica www.astropoetica.com

“Accidents Happen” (short story), The Martian Wave, July 2004

“On The Road With Fiamong’s Rule” (short story), Neo-opsis, September 2003

“claws batter the hatch” (scifaiku), Random Planets, August 2003

“Upload” (sf poem), Aoife’s Kiss, June 2003; reprint The Practically Creative Quarterly, Vol. 2, Issue 1, January 2006

“Signs & Portents” (short story), Oceans of the Mind © , March 2003; reprint Simulacrum, Issue 6, September 2004

“Count On It! Making Word Counts Make Sense” (article), Rainy Day Corner, September 2002.

“Souls In The Match” (short story), GateWay S-F (magazine & website), July 2002

“Fiction Workshop for One” (article reprint), Writing-World.com, January 2002

“Fiction Workshop for One” (article), Speculations, August 2001

“Death of a Fish” (personal essay), broadcast on This Morning, First Person Singular series, CBC Radio One, May 17, 2001 (voiced by the author)

The New Writer’s Guide to Just About Everything, (electronic book), March 2001

“Common Ground” (short story), Nuketown, February 2001

“Tooth God Awakes” (short story), Planet Relish, February 2001

“The Halfhigh Vexation” (short story), On Spec: The Canadian Magazine of Speculative Fiction, Winter 1999

“Circle” (short story), The Day The Men Went To Town anthology (Breton Books, 1999)

“Fantasy: Another Perspective” (article), Sci-Fi Arizona website, June 1998

“Little Things” (short story), Marion Zimmer Bradley’s FANTASY Magazine, Winter 1997T

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