Beyond the Sentinel Stars

Luta Paixon and the crew of the Tane Ikai have made it back to Nearspace safely, but that safety is short-lived. As if a disastrous diplomatic mission to the crow-like Corvids isn’t enough, Luta’s old enemy Alin Sedmamin is back—and asking Luta to help save his life. In exchange, Sedmamin is offering secrets stretching back more than a century into Nearspace’s past—secrets that could prevent a war.

Meanwhile, Luta’s brother Admiral Lanar Mahane is faced with an awful truth: the Protectorate is spread too thinly across Nearspace to offer adequate protection or defense when the aggressive Chron turn their murderous sights on Nearspace again. They must forge new alliances if Nearspace is to survive, but it’s almost impossible to know who to trust.

As interstellar conflict looms on the horizon and a political plot of tremendous scope and daring threatens to destroy Nearspace from within, Luta and Lanar will test the bonds of family and the strength of hope as they struggle to maintain peace in a world that seems destined for war.


Novel | 387 pages
Formats: Trade Paperback (ISBN 978-1-928025-78-8), Ebook (ISBN 978-1-928025-79-5)
Publisher: Tyche Books, December 2017
Cover Artist: Ashley Walters
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Series: Nearspace

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Print Edition (autographed, personalized, and shipped within Canada): $29.95 (Please contact me [intlink id=”528″ type=”page”]via this form[/intlink] to order a copy)

Reviews & Comments

“I thoroughly enjoyed these 3 books. The characters are believable and some are quite quirky. I loved that! Looking forward to reading more by this author.” – 5* Amazon review

One of the best sci-fi series I have read in years.” – 5* Amazon review

Lovely tale of family, action, adventure, with a rich use of setting and dialogue to make the characters feel real.” – 5* Amazon review

I enjoyed all the aspects of this series – character development, world building, tempo, plotting, the works.” – 5* Amazon review

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