Well, that felt good.

I just emailed a letter of complaint to the Staples company. I’m not including a link in this post, but they’re a business/stationery supply company and you’ve likely heard of them anyway.

For the last number of years, they’ve put forth a back-to-school media campaign featuring delighted parents stocking up on school supplies while snippets of the song “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” play in the background.

As a parent who enjoys having her children home for the summer, I have been and continue to be insulted by this, and I think it sends a terrible message to children.

And I just told them so. I’ll probably never hear anything back from them, but damn, it felt good to finally get it off my chest.

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  1. I agree! I am glad my kids go to a school where they are actually looking forward to going back, but that ad just sends a bad message.

  2. Good job Sherry. That’s hilarious! While you’re at it can you send a complaint to the WB for taking down the last four seasons of Babylon 5 the day after we finished the first season?

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