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Several new stories, the latest appearing just today, have debuted on The Chain Story website since I last posted about it. If you’re a fan of free adventure fiction (with many a side of the speculative thrown in) and you’re not reading these stories, you’re really missing out.

What Michael A. Stackpole is doing with this project really is something out of the ordinary. While there is a vast amount of free fiction available on the ‘net, it’s very much a trail-and-error undertaking to ferret out the quality stories. Most of us, even the most avid readers, have a limited amount of time we can allocate to reading for pleasure, and it’s disappointing to spend that time only to feel cheated by a poorly-written story in the end–or even partway through. The Chain Story takes away much of that guesswork, by offering up only stories that have been chosen especially for the project, and a quick read-through of the explanatory information on the site tells potential readers up-front what they can expect in a Chain Story story.

With nine stories now online (you can read them in order by starting at the Table of Contents page) and a new one slated to come along every Monday, you’d better start reading if you don’t want to be left behind!

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