Spam Comment Woes

Photo by kveselyte By nature, I’m a pretty trusting person. I like to think the best of folks unless and until I’m proven wrong. Maybe it’s a holdover from my legal practice days and the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing.

Anyway, up until now, comment posting on this blog was simply open, although comments were held for moderation. Every once in a while I’d go into my dashboard and clear out the spam.

There was a fair amount of spam. I’m pretty sure that “wowgoldwizard” and “sunglasses online” are not actually reading my writing blog, and when they tell me that they found my post “inspirefull” or “consideratley enjoyment,” I really must go against my nature and mistrust them.

So. From now on, you’ll have to register to post comments. This won’t take long, it’ll make my life easier, and your comment won’t be stuck in moderation for days while I wade through spam.

*Photo by kveselyte

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