The Chain Story

F/SF Novelist Michael A. Stackpole has an interesting new project underway, one that is going to make a lot of great free short fiction available on the ‘net.

It’s called The Chain Story. The idea is this (in Mr. Stackpole’s own words): “…authors create stories which are linked in a chain. Each author hosts the story on his website and links back to the project hub. The hub then links back out to all the other stories. The authors provide the stories for free for a certain amount of time…” after which they are free to do any number of things with the stories.

In this instance, what links the stories is the place where the storytellers relate their respective tales: The Wanderer’s Club. Imagine a Victorian gentleman’s club, outside time and space (or existing simultaneously in multiple realities, perhaps). There are no restrictions on clientele or on the stories they relate. Yes, just start to imagine the possibilities there…

The first seven stories have already come online and you can find the lineup and the links to them at the Chain Story website. The TOC page will show you them in the order they’ve been released, so you can start at the beginning and work your way through. Currently, the project is by invitation only, but expect some newer voices in the mix as time goes on.

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