New Call for Submissions

Third Person Press has just posted a new call for submissions. We’re excited to be undertaking a third volume of speculative fiction from Cape Breton, this time to be titled “Unearthed.” We’re currently looking at having the current volume, “Airborne,” ready to release in October, so we’re busy, busy, busy!

Full submission guidelines for “Unearthed” can be found at We’ll be open to submissions from June 1st to December 31st, 2010.

This time we’ve also added a page of expanded guidelines to the Third Person Press website. Our biggest reason for doing this was that we’ve encountered one main reason for rejecting stories in the course of the two anthologies we’ve done so far–we get a lot of stories that simply aren’t speculative. To that end, we’ve written some guidelines that will (we hope) give writers a little better idea what we’re looking for.

The Chain Story
The Longest Distance
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