The Longest Distance

old typewriter keys …is the title of the short story I’ve just finished. “Finished” as in first-draft finished, but finished nonetheless.

This was one of my “zombie writing projects” columnist Chuck Heintzelman talks about in the May issue of The Scriptorium. No, it’s not about zombies. It’s been existing in a half-alive, half-dead state on my hard drive for, if you can believe it, about ten years. And I’ve finally found the impetus to pull it out, dust it off, read it over, and finish the darn thing.

It’s a time-travel story of sorts, although not in the usual way. On Facebook today I posted a list of things I had to look up during the writing of this story. They included: history of sound recording, history of nail care, Victorian slang, history of photgraphy, Occam’s Razor, Babbage’s Analytical Engine, Max Planck, The Glass Menagerie, Vietnam War, blackbody radiation, Victorian fashion. I must also add: streetmap of London in the 1900s, wars in Africa, and various dates in UK history. It’s been an interesting journey.

Now I shall let it lie fallow for a few days, spiff it up, and give it to someone to read. I’m very happy to have finally finished it.

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