My, my, how a month has flown by! It’s been a full-tilt mixture of working on my own projects, working on the new Third Person Press anthology, school visits for Writers in the Schools, and that most dreaded of spring events~housecleaning. I am determined to purge the house of all manner of junk and things we don’t need/use/want, but it’s a huge project on top of everything else. Blogging and timekeeping have fallen by the wayside.

I’ve also taken on the task of administering the new SF Canada website. We have a shiny new site that is in need of some TLC to really get it chugging along, so I’m going to try and stoke the fires. To that end I am slowly picking up skills with Joomla. Ah, every day my Internet-geekiness increases.

Right now I’m living my life by lists. With luck I’ll soon be crossing off more and thus juggling less. Luck, and maybe some vitamins to keep me going.

It's Official
Back to work
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