July and August Releases

New short story releases for July and August!

August’s is “Beacon” (first published in Beacon and Other Stories, so if you have that collection, you already have this story!).

Paicia and her family live in a future of green rooftops, shared makerspaces, and community gardens. With the help of beacon technology, they’ve even managed to save bees from colony collapse and protect human food sources. But when a rogue drone kidnaps one of their family’s bee swarms, Paicia learns that not everyone has moved into a greener future. And the more she finds out about the “ashers,” the more determined she is to stop the abductions and bring her bees home.

Just .99 on your favourite digital platform!

And July’s story was “Unquiet Skies” (first published in Flights from the Rock from Engen Books, and also included in Beacon and Other Stories).

In 1919, racers are gathering on the rocky island of Newfoundland to attempt the first transatlantic flight. And while young Collie is excited to see the pilots arriving with their crates of airplane parts, he has larger concerns–like Awdwith and the other dragons who have taken refuge in Newfoundland’s wind-swept interior to escape the now too-busy skies over the British Isles. A successful race might mean the dragons will have to move again, and Collie can’t bear the thought of losing Awdwith’s friendship. But when the aviators Collie has befriended encounter danger, will he be forced to choose sides?

“Unquiet Skies” is also just .99 across platforms.

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