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Photobucket You may notice a new item in the right sidebar–a progress bar for “Writing Time Logged This Week.” Part of my plan for the new year is to implement time-logging for my writing time, because I am interested in seeing just how much I work on it, and how that can be improved. In other words, I’m trying to cut down on my procrastinating and move to a higher level of writing focus.

To start, I arbitrarily chose 600 minutes (ten hours) a week as a goal. It may turn out that I already work more than that on average, so I`ll be making adjustments for the first while. That`s two hours a day, five days a week. Honestly, I feel sure that I`ll be able to make that easily, although this week it`s already Wednesday and this is the first day I was able to spend time enough to bother logging, so I could also be wrong about that. At any rate, I`m hoping it will be an interesting and informative experiment.

Also, I`ve made note of the fact that I am logging only time I spend actively working on my own writing projects, although it could be writing new words, revising, or editing. This doesn`t include time I spend editing or critiquing others`work, for Third Person Press or for my writing groups.

For weeks I don`t make the goal, maybe I`ll post my excuses. That should be amusing and embarrassing!

The Writing Log (update)
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