As some of you may know, October was Steampunk Month over at The month was jam-packed with interesting blog posts, steampunk tips for DIYers, beautiful free wallpapers, and tons of giveaways. I didn’t stumble upon things until at least partway through the month, but then I entered every giveaway after that.

And, I won one!

My copies of Jay Lake‘s Mainspring and Escapement arrived in the mail today, quite promptly I must say. Also included in the parcel were a Tor bookmark and a handful of buttons, so it made a nice little prize package.

Jay Lake prize package from

I was especially pleased to win this prize, because I am a big fan of the columns Jay Lake writes (often with Ruth Nestvold) over at IROSF (I always snag this one to proofread when I can!). If you are not familiar with the columns, I recommend you click over and check some out. They are available in the archives, many under the “features” tab, and are easy to find. Sadly, I haven’t had an opportunity to read enough of his fiction, so I’m really looking forward to these books. They may even jump the line in my TBR pile, since I just finished reading George Mann’s The Affinity Bridge last night and need something new to add to my being-read list.

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