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Feed by M.T. Anderson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an absolutely brilliant, funny, bitingly satirical novel with a horrible ending. I have to give it four stars because it deserves it, but I almost wish I hadn’t read it because of the ending. Don’t get me wrong; it’s probably the right ending for this book. But I have a strong personal dislike of books with sad endings and so–sigh. I’m not sorry I read it, because the first half of the book is so worth it; I also felt it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t finish it. I have no problem putting down a book that isn’t engaging me, so it’s actually a pretty strong endorsement that I felt it would be unfair to the book and the characters if I didn’t finish reading their stories. Just–if you’re like me, be warned. Things do not end well.

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