The Friday Challenge 01-31-14

night-reading-1106140-mToday’s challenge is going to be a complete guessing game (unless you know me well enough to have been to my house, and even then you *might* not know).

In my office (and the rest of the house) I have quite a few books. Okay, a lot of books. All right, a TON of books. Guess which of the following authors is most represented on my shelves:

a. David Eddings
b. Agatha Christie
c. Terry Pratchett
d. Ellis Peters
e. Piers Anthony
f. Dave Duncan

I’ll give bonus points if you guess a number of titles that is reasonably close* to correct.

*”reasonably close” will be defined by my mood on the day in question

Answer on Monday!

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  1. Something tells me you would have an affinity for Agatha Christie! You’re novel was more mystery than sci-fi (in my never be humble opinion) and I think there may have been some pretty significant influence there.

    Bonus: I would wager you have in excess of 30 Christie novels.

  2. Terry Pratchett

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