The Friday Challenge

I’ve decided that on Fridays this year, I’ll issue a little challenge on the blog. The idea is still formulating in my mind, so it’s subject to change. I think they might have bookish themes for the most part; they might even all revolve around books I’ve read. Some might involve the possibility of a PRIZE! And others will not. It’s January, remember, and the whole year lies fresh and untrammeled before us. Anything is possible.

For the first Friday challenge, I’ll share a photo.

This is my treadmill desk, which, as you can see, is flanked by the two Dragons of Compliance, Gog and Magog. Gog is on the right, and Magog is on the left. They are there to keep me walking and writing as the year progresses. All those motivators and tools I talked about on the blog earlier have nothing on Gog and Magog. They just watch me with eyes that sometimes glow red and, well, I just keep tying and walking. Because DRAGONS.

The challenge is for you to tell me where you think I first came across their names. This could be a tricky one, so I think there will be a prize involved if you are the first to guess correctly.

HINT: It was NOT a Bible/religious source-that’s not the answer I’m looking for. Leave your guess in the comments and I’ll reveal the answer on Monday.

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  1. Being a good atlantic canadian girl, I’m going to say the china dogs in L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series. I drew a picture of them when I was a kid, though I’m pretty sure I drew one dog with two heads.

  2. Is it because Gog & Magog were guardians of the city of London?

  3. Good guess, Nicholas, but this one goes to Steph! To be precise, the china dogs appear on either side of the fireplace at Patty’s Place in Montogmery’s Anne of the Island, although I will be honest and admit that I had to hunt down the precise title myself. So, rack one up for good Atlantic Canadian girls!

    And since there are so few prizes for being a good Atlantic Canadian girl (except for the obvious–awesomeness!), I believe a prize is in order. Nope, I don’t know yet what it will be, but it will be something. Likely something small, and made by me, so don’t expect a Maserati or anything.

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