Review: Quarter Share

Quarter Share
Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I liked this podcast book quite a lot–it would be four stars except for the fact that I found it slowed down a bit too much toward the end. However, I will be listening to the next book in the series. The main character is engaging and the world the author has envisioned is interesting. The story was somewhat lacking in a major conflict, although it is mainly about how the MC adjusts to a huge change in his life and begins to make his way in the world…but for quite a while I was sort of waiting to find out what BIG thing was going to happen, until I realized that there wasn’t going to be one. The book is well-written, though, and the characters engaging enough for me to give the second book a try. The narration is very well done and the narrator’s voice pleasant and perfect for the character.

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